We Started With One Goal…

“To create a scientifically-proven skincare solution for all skin types”


Advance Beauty Concepts (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a research based company incorporated in 2004. Our core business is in the areas of skin care and anti-aging research while focusing on the development of skin care products that provides for and maintains a healthier, youthful looking skin. All manufactured products are subjected to stringent tests and samplings standards before being allowed for sale in the open market. Products are only released for sale when test samples show a zero allergenic response.



ln August 2OO4 our company embarked on a nationwide survey to determine the causative factors behind the gradual rise of skin related chronic disorders like Psoriasis, Eczema and Pustular lesions observe since the mid 1990’s. Following a 9 month extensive research it was concluded that 89.7% of cases were primarily due to the high presence of acidic or alkaline based detergents within daily used skin cleansing products including body washes and facial cleansers. Based on these results, in 2005 we embarked on a two year journey into the research and formulation of a body wash that would move away from the dependence of high acidic and alkaline based detergents and shifted towards gentler and more pH neutral cleansing agents.


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