Organic Natural Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Bio-Engineered with only Natural and Organic ingredients which were carefully selected by international hair care specialists. Tested and proven to reduce hair fall by 75% in just 6 weeks! 350ml to last 2 months or more.

Bio-engineered anti-hair fall formulation
Researched and developed by International Haircare Specialist

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Here’s what they say...

Males and Females above 35...

– Noticed on Day 20 there was a significant reduction in hair loss.
– After only 60 days, majority in the test group experienced 85% hair loss reduction. 
– Test groups NOT using our shampoo had prolonged hair fall.

No Parabens,
No Sulphates,
No Phthalates.

NO FAKE RESULTS! Just happy hair.

Noticeable reduction in hair loss within 4-6 weeks

Healthier, stronger and thicker hair

Healthier and nourished scalp with balanced pH level

Prevention of future hair damage with consistent use

Product Details
  1. Bio-Engineered by Dermatologist and Hair Care Specialist

  2. Patented Unique Anti Hair-Fall Formula

  3. Reduces Hair Loss by 75% in only 6 WEEKS!

  4. Proven Results in Labs

  5. Made in Malaysia with IMPORTED ingredients

  6. Approved By KKM/MOH with official Notification Identification
  1. Cleanses scalp off silicone from other hair products as well as existing dirt and sweat.

  2. Rejuvenates hair follicles to stimulate HAIR GROWTH

  3. Aloe vera and Olive Oil Enriched

  4. Balances Scalp pH Levels

  5. Prevents Future hair damage

  6. Mild and Fresh Fragrance
  1. Use 5ml to 10 ml of shampoo depending on hair length

  2. Apply Shampoo to scalp and gently massage to cover entire hair length

  3. Massage until fully lather (5 Minutes)

  4. Make sure to rinse off all access shampoo properly

  5. Towel Dry hair gently, then air dry. (Do not use heat setting on hair dryer)

  6. Repeat alternate days
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Frequently Asked Questions

The dates are printed on all our packaging. The product should be discarded 12 months after opening.

No harmful ingredients were used in manufacture. We are KKM/MOH Certified. Our products carry the official EcoCert certificate for organic ingredients.


None of our products are tested on animals.


It will usually take us 3 – 7 working days to deliver our products to you, depending on your location.


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