“The Great Scientific Leaps” Changes How We Use Shampoos Today

Primary Use:

Since its conception in the early 18th. Century shampoos serve one primary role and that was to cleanse the scalp and hair from accumulated sebum (natural oil secretion from the sebaceous glands of the skin), environmental pollution and chemical particles.

Secondary Use:

The “great scientific leaps” at the turn of the 20th. Century, saw innovative ideas to further enhance the formulation. This created a spectrum of shampoo ranges that now not only served to cleanse the scalp but also to condition, moisturize and protect it. So what are the secondary uses of the shampoo? These secondary functions are very much dependent on the formulation and the active ingredients used to create them.

1) Conditioning the hair so as to retain its softness while strengthening the hair root and shaft.

2) Moisturizing to prevent drying of both scalp and hair.

3) Providing essential vitamins and minerals for proper hair maintenance and growth

4) Providing antibacterial coverage

5) Retaining hair color. Some shampoos have dyes added to them is low concentrations so as to dye the hair while cleansing it. These colors are generally not “locked in” and are temporary.

6) Hair fillers to reinforce and strengthen damaged hair shaft.

7) Fragrance for the “during shower” and “post shower” relaxation feel.

These revolutionary innovations in shampoo formulation are ever evolving and each progressive step forward takes us closer to that one perfect shampoo that companies and customers dream about.

Stay tuned for coming articles as we dive in each category!

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